What To Expect at Smile Dental Clinic

Coming to see us at Smile Dental Clinic in Dubai for the first time? Don’t worry, we understand that going to the dentist may not be the highlight of your day! We want your first visit to be comfortable and enjoyable and most importantly stress free! Our dentists are dedicated to providing you and your family with the best dental treatments and to ensure that you are relaxed and aware of each step of your procedure.

At our Dental Clinic in Dubai we make sure to go over every step of the treatment and answer any questions you may have, making sure that your mind is at ease. Your first visit will be all about you getting to know us and your dentists. A full oral exam will be done with an intra-oral camera allowing your dentist to go over your treatment plan with you while showing you the areas that require treatment.

You can expect the following from a typical First Visit:

x ray smile dental

Dental and Medical History will be reviewed with the Dentist

Teeth whitening dubai

A full oral Exam will be done by our experienced Dentists

dental oral exam

Detection of areas that might need treatment with an advanced IntraOral Camera

Dental Xray dubai

Only if required you will be advised to have an X-Ray taken

Dental Treatment Plan Dubai

Your Dentist will go over and explain your treatment plan and answer your questions

smile dental dxb dubai

Your Dentist will tailor a treatment plan for you

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