Love is in the Air in the UAE!

This Valentine’s Day make sure to shine a beautiful smile at your significant other. Smiling is known to lift spirits and a white smile signifies much more than a good personality: a nice looking smile is proof of good oral hygiene as well as caring for your partner.

Everyone knows that good dental health is actually tied in with good overall health (here’s an interesting article from Live Science on this topic). But not a lot of you know that clean teeth are actually very important in personal relationships. It is a proven fact that men and women first look at someone’s face when choosing a partner and the teeth are the ones that stand out the most.

Actually, in a loving relationship having clean teeth that reveal an attractive smile is one of the first things people notice and care about. Studies have shown that relationships in which partners are close and understand each other well are also more careful with their physical appearance. Most people that are in long-lasting relationships and still love and enjoy each other’s company also happen to have a nice set of teeth.

On the other side, couples that neglect their oral health tend to shy away from each other and do not have a relationship based on romance and understanding. Dental health leads to a more stable relationship with your significant other.

In a recent survey, analysts related that 73% of those involved said that a nice smile is very important when looking for the ideal partner. Only 40% of participants valued physical aspect over clean teeth. The great majority of people are attracted by a clean smile more than a good physique which means that taking care of your teeth should be a top priority.

Regular dentist visits can not only result in clean teeth and a good-looking smile but can also sustain a healthy relationship, and particularly encourage a good one in the bedroom.

In the Journal of Dental Research, a study set forth by authors D. Locker, M. Clarke, and B. Payne, concluded that good oral hygiene can be directly related with quality of life. Although many factors influence a person’s good living, having good teeth cleaning habits definitely has a direct impact on the quality of your partner.

It is never too late to start cleaning your teeth properly. As a basic rule, visiting your dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and a quick X-Ray can detect any problems early on, save you a good deal of money in the long run, and also have a positive impact on your personal relationship. Your dentist will be able to give you teeth cleaning guidelines specific to your situation.

Decide to improve your love life by making sure you brush, floss, and use a mouthwash daily.

Lesson to learn…Improve your quality of life and your love life by simply having clean teeth! You’re one step closer to a happy and healthy relationship.

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