Dental Crown & Bridge

It’s hard to feel confident when you’re not happy with your smile. Teeth become worn damaged and missing teeth can make you feel self conscious about showing your smile. Modern dentistry can restore your smile to perfection with dental crowns and bridge work, giving you your beautiful smile back.

Our dentists in Dubai use the very best materials to fabricate long lasting dental crowns and dental bridges for our patients. Smile Dental Clinics close proximity to Sharjah makes a trip to the dental clinic convenient for people coming from Sharjah, making it one of the best dental clinics in Sharjah to provide quality dental crowns and dental bridges.

Dental Crown

A significant amount of tooth can be lost due to decay or injury but in most cases your natural tooth is worth saving with a dental crown. Crowns restore damaged teeth keeping the tooth in tact functioning normally and the best part is they look like natural teeth.

When a tooth is beyond repair or is missing an excellent option is a dental bridge. Dental bridges are used to bridge the space just like a bridge over a river. Your new bridge will fit comfortably and blend in with your natural teeth.

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Dental Crown & Bridge Steps

  • The area where the tooth is will be numbed
  • Your tooth will be shaped and prepared
  • An impression will be taken
  • A temporary crown will be prepared and placed on your prepared tooth to protect it
  • Next visit your permanent crown will be bounded to your teeth

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