Clear Smile – Discreet way to a perfect Smile

Straight teeth, no hassle of braces wires! Clear Smile Aligner is a remarkable alternative to improve your smile discreetly, the aligner is made of clear plastic removable trays making them almost invisible while worn.

A few orthodontic problems Clear Smile Aligners can correct are crooked or protruded teeth, gaps, spaces between teeth, and when the upper and lower teeth do not come together open bites and cross bites in most cases. Not all dental misalignment can be corrected with Clear Smile Aligner, it is always best to consult with our orthodontist Dubai first to find out if this is the best treatment for you!

How do they work?

Believe it or not they work the same way traditional braces do with careful and controlled gentle pressure to your teeth.

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Smilelign clear braces


  • Our experienced good dentist in Dubai will first evaluate whether Clear Smile Aligner are the right treatment for you
  • Photographs, Impressions and X rays are taken
  • A treatment plan and a timeline estimate it given
  • Custom made clear trays will be given to you to start your treatment

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