Advantages of Invisible Braces in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to straighten your teeth, but aren’t quite open to the idea of wearing braces? Then invisible braces like Invisalign might be just the thing!

Clear Aligners and Optimal Aesthetics

Due to their design, Invisalign braces are completely clear. The translucent aligners snap right over your teeth, freeing you from having to wear fixed brackets and wires. No one will ever have to know that you’re in braces, because your system is completely invisible. It’s a great choice for working professionals or people who simply dislike the look of traditional brackets and wires.

Easy to Care For

Cleaning your teeth and gums regularly is extremely important — especially for orthodontic patients. With Invisalign, simply remove your braces so that you can brush and floss normally. No extra tools or time is necessary. Plus, your aligners can be gently cleaned with a toothbrush and tap water.

No Changes in Your Diet

For the typical orthodontic patient, certain sticky or crunchy foods need to be avoided. Not with Invisalign! Just take your aligners out during meals to enjoy all your favorite foods and drinks — even caramel, lemons, and fresh apples. Once your meal is over, rinse your mouth out with water and pop your aligners right back in. You’re good to go, no matter where you are!

Getting Invisalign in Dubai

To make sure your treatment is successful as possible, it’s important that you see an Invisalign preferred provider. These orthodontists and dentists have extra training in Invisalign techniques and procedures, so that you can rest assured you’ll enjoy the best results.

At Smile Dental Clinics, we offer both Invisalign Dubai treatments as well as other traditional and cosmetic orthodontic options. Call us today to schedule a no-fuss consultation to find out which one is right for you!