Lumineers Teeth

Lumineers Hollywood Smile Makeover in Dubai

Smile Dental Clinic Cosmetic Dentists will definitely give you a reason to smile with years of experience and passion to perfecting Smiles! Our Cosmetic Dentists are all certified by DenMat USA allowing them to use the latest technology in Dentistry for Smile Makeovers!

Why should you choose Lumineers teeth?

It would be easier to tell you why you should not choose Lumineers….there aren’t any! Lumineers teeth are the latest technology in Cosmetic Dentistry around the world perfecting smiles Painlessly and producing amazing natural looking beautiful smiles that last a lifetime.

Lumineers are highly durable, made of Patened Cerinate Porcelain and are paper thin, designed to perfectly fit any tooth, any shape and any size with no damage to natural teeth!

lumineers teeth dubai

Lumineers give you the smile you always dreamed of with no pain and no damage to your natural teeth leaving you with a permanent white smile to keep you showing off your Hollywood smile Dubai.

Get the Perfect Smile You’ve always wanted

People all over the world are choosing to correct their smiles using brand trusted Lumineers. Correcting smiles and boosting peoples confidence is what drives our Cosmetic Dentists. With Lumineers a number of dental conditions can be corrected, Like:

  • Spaces between Teeth
  • Teeth Color
  • Chipped Teeth
  • Stains on Teeth
  • Bridge or Crown shade
  • Gaps

and that’s not all!

The advantage of going for a life altering Hollywood smile Dubai makeover with Lumineers is that you protect your natural tooth by not drilling or reducing any part off the tooth surface, there is no pain or injections involved in the procedure and it is convenient. You get a naturally beautiful smile with two easy visits! It doesn’t get better than that does it?

Yes it does! You also get a 5 year GUARANTEE card from DenMat themselves, proving that they are sustainable and reliable, as well as a card of genuinity so you can have peace of mind that your smile will last a lifetime.

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